GPW Brings THE Roar TO YOUR SHORE in the 2019 season

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Upcoming Race

Guntersville Lake Hydrofest


The annual Guntersville Lake Hydrofest will be held June 28-30, 2019. The Marshall County Convention & Visitors Bureau, in partnership with H1 Unlimited, plans to host the Unlimited Series for three days of racing to kick off the 2019 season for H1. In addition, the weekend of festivities will include a professional wakeboard exhibition, vendors, boat displays, food and more. 

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Hydros for Heroes


Hydros for Heroes is an American Power Boats Association (APBA) registered national and regional professional charity racing event promoted and hosted by The Craig McKenzie Team Foundation and supported by the Rotary Club of Oak Harbor.  

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Madison Regatta


The Madison Regatta has been held annually for over 65 years. We host one of the largest hydroplane races in the United States. The regatta festival also consist of numerous other events throughout Madison. Including the Regatta Pageants, Fire Station Water ball Fight, 10k run/walk, Street Dance, Music On The River, Riverfront Car Show, R/C Boat Race, and the popular Patriotic Regatta Parade held on Saturday evening of Regatta Weekend.

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TriCity WaterFollies


Tri-City Water Follies is committed to exceeding expectations by providing the best boat racing, air show and shoreline entertainment experience while ensuring the safety and security of all Guests.

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It all starts with you...

What is Gpw


The GPW series brings fans the largest, fastest, and LOUDEST of the automotive powered hydroplane racing boats.  With supercharged big-block engines pushing up to 1500 horsepower Grand Prix hydroplanes race deck to deck at up to 170 miles per hour! 

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